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The Employee Kiosk is available 24hrs a day, 7 days a week from the DFES Portal or DFES Internet (there may be some short intermittent outages from 11.00pm to 01.00am during nightly maintenance). 


The Employee Kiosk enables you to:  

  • view and print your Payslip and Payment Summary;
  • view and update your Leave*, Employment* and Personal details;
  • submit online Forms & Requests, or find links to paper forms;
  • submit, update and change your Health & Safety Report(s);
  • view current HR Circulars; and
  • with Manager access, view your employees personal, employment and leave records, and approve their Forms & Requests.


User Guides are available within the Kiosk.


*Leave and Movement Requests are not available for employees managed through the Staff and Management System (SAMS).




Coming Soon


  • Timesheet/Payment Requests 

Make claims for overtime, on call allowance, availability allowance, additional part time hours and casual hours.


  • Temporary Reassignment Requests

Submit movement requests where higher duties allowance is not applicable.


  • Online Forms

Online forms to replace current HR paper forms.


Need Help?


For assistance with Kiosk access, general system enquiries or to report faults, please contact the HR System Administrator by email or phone 9395 9417.  


For assistance with your pay, employment history or leave details please contact Payroll by email or phone:  

Surname starting E to Q - 9395 9466; 9369

Surname starting A to D or R to Z - 9395 9843; 9798 

Health & Safety Services

For assistance with the Online Hazard Reporting System please contact Health & Safety Services by email or phone 9395 9389.  




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